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The Up And Down Of The Tenor Of Negotiations

When you think of the of things, you usually think of singing, do you not? Well this use of the word tenor means the mood of something, it can either be good (up) or be bad (down). Here is how to deal with both conditions.

First, we talk about the down time. When negotiations are down it is a time to create strategy and personally think about how to deal best with the situation. The up time is the best time to deal with the situation itself at its optimum. Oh, it is simple as that, but I will explain all of the variations of logic within those realities. When dealing with the up and down of things, both conditions have their own moods or more accurately points. That is exactly what those moods really are, points reached and worked out each time they are reached, not static conditions that do not change.

Change is the one constant in the universe, Ralph Waldo Emerson said in a few of his works. Well, that is a reality so far as relation to concepts go. Indeed, concepts must change and adapt with each situation and both change and adapt at the same time most of the time.

Sure, I can make this more complex than it is. But it is more complex to practice you will find than it is to explain. Smooth change is always better than rough change, but it is best to be adaptable in all change. Because we all do what we want and what we need to reach our goals, and what we do is part of negotiating the conditions we do want. This gets better, strength to be flexible and rigid at the exact right times is a part of the negotiating process. In short, doing the right things at the right times as opposed to doing the wrong things at the wrong times. No matter if things go to plan or not, this is all real, honest and working as the principles of successfully negotiating anything.

So, change is not the spice and goodness of life so much as genuinely correct adaptability. What I mean by genuinely correct adaptability is the strength to be flexible and rigid at the right times as opposed to being stubborn and foolishly loose at the wrong times. Doing what is right is genuinely part of that process and eternally part of that process as a principle.

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